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Attention all tumblr poets!!!

2nd Call to join my book project: Great Poets of Tumblr

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(Source: naishcomix)

Almost three months ago, I decided to start writing a song a week. I’ve kept it up for TEN WEEKS so far. I’m impressed. Aren’t you? The only thing I’ve done for longer than ten weeks is…be alive? I guess? 
It’s challenging, and exciting, to write a new song every week. At first, I thought I’d just write throwaway songs if necessary, but my perfectionism hasn’t let me. I’m not saying everything I put up is a masterpiece, but I definitely work my ass of to get the song to be the best it can be! I’m super proud of this one.
This is the artwork for today’s song. You can hear it at

coming straight for you

split your face
choke that, lover
i’m coming straight for you

split my faith
smoke that cover
i’m coming straight for you

gorgeous dianne

we’re all out of fire
so i send out for the mail
can’t feel my fingers
my heart’s in jail
i don’t know where i am
calling gorgeous dianne

frost on the windows
white on both sides
watch my her breath
turn to smoke and rise
i don’t know where i am
calling gorgeous dianne

spill me some funeral
tell me how it felt
pick up 52 weeks
fuck the year we been dealt
i don’t know where i am
calling goregous dianne

you earn your days

skint flips backwise
new sons and atom bombs
carved tongues “canna begoff”

i’m too sick from the fever
convinced cacophony spinnin’
steam-throat dancer

you earn your days

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